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Great location and view The food was horrible! And that's not good for a restaurant!

I have been visiting Mykonos for several years and this is by far the worst food i have had! Although one would expect the restaurants located on the Yialos area (old port) being so touristy to be average, they are mostly ok. But Rouvera is amazingly bad! We were with Greek friends and they were very embarrassed as well by the quality of the food. They need to change the staff in the kitchen or people will start catching up!

tasty main dishes untrusty menu prices

Disgusting, prices on the bill didnt match prices on the menu. Discrepancy of 4 times the price on drinks. Apart from that, been offered bread before the meal and waiter insisted we try them since he did toast them, naturally we didnt ask for any of this and we were sure these were complimentary especially on our last day of the 10 day holiday across greek islands. Having 2 meals a day from different restaurants. To our surprise we were charged eur1.50 for each slice of bread we've consumed. And how did we stop at the restaurant? The waiter stopped us and lured us in with his sweet talk. Stop tarnishing Mykonos reputation!

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