Panormos Beach

Panormos, Mykonos
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No points at all! :( Very many bad point because of this lies!

We ha looked and looked after beachvolleycourts to play on at Mykonos and we found this Panarmos Beach at the website. The deklaration was " a well maintained beachvolleycourt...". We went there to play an hava a nice day in the sun just to find out that there had been a beachcourt some years aga. The staff att Pink Queen or what the bar,restaurant and hotell was named there couldnt even remember how many years since the beachvolley where goon. Very bad that the deklaration on this site and others about Panarmos havent been changed. Nice beach but we will never go back because it was a very bad experience that have we have been fooled about the Panarmos Beach. Do right do better! :(