Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece, 84600
Phoebus - phoebus 3 - Mykonos, Greece

About Phoebus

The M/S Phoebus was born in 1998 in Mykonos by the inspiration and the hands of Zannis Koukas. It took six whole years for Zannis and a team of craftsmen to make the necessary conversions to the hull of an old commercial ship (an engine sail powered perama built in 1948) to transform into this beauty of Art.

Eventually the old ferryboat was transformed into a luxury cruise ship. It has traces of ancient times, but it has totally modern elements. It is a work of art that offers sophisticated facilities capable of satisfying the most demanding of travellers, those who wish to feel in tune with Greek culture.

The passengers enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience of vibrant colors, a variety of materials, and of forms which are both familiar yet unexpected, all worked to the limits of perfection by a subtle imagination.

Phoebus is the only one of its kind in Greece. The ship bears the name of Apollo (Phoebus),the ancient god of art, poetry, the sun, harmony and the freedom of spirit, because it is itself an original work of art.