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Went in on a whim and was plied with wine and a load of big talk. Actually saw through him when he told me he had been with DeBeers in South Africa. If I count all the years of experience he has then he is about 80 years old!! He's a good con man. I would never buy from him. Found cheaper diamonds in Turkey

The owner is basically dishonest and refused to reimburse an amount overcharged in Euros in May 2012

Owner doesn't want to know you when you call him back re after sales service

He gives you wine to drink while he tries to dazzle you with overpriced jewelry Very pushy Does not answer emails, his office in Florida does not exist Quality of ring I bought is less than what he stated and less than his appraisal

Be careful what you buy from him. I was less than pleased when I had the ring appraised at home. I sent several emails, they were not returned.

Mr. David Gourgourinis, a unique character! i would say 10% higher prices than average but its worth it i think!

Took a diamond engagement ring for credit toward another ring Kept engagement ring but didn't provide credit or refund Doesn't return calls or emails CON ARTIST

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