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Athens, Athens, Cyclades, Greece
White Key Villas - white key 6 - Mykonos, Greece

About White Key Villas

White Key is offering the finest villas in Greece complemented with a wide range of services of five-star quality. Most of our villas are rented for the first time. Our villas are featured in some of the most prestigious architectural magazines and are among the most exclusive homes in their respective destination, for their design, location, personality and features. Our experience has shown that those who have had a proper "villa experience" in Greece or abroad cease to even consider going to a hotel for their vacation.

White Key Villas Features

Price Range: contact us for more information
Luxury Level:
Facilities: Laundry Facilities, Wi-Fi Internet, Kitchen, TV & Satellite, Air Conditioning, Fridge, Stereo System
Amenities: Swimming Pool, Parking
Services: Concierge Service, Housekeeping, Breakfast
Good For: Family Friendly, Couple Friendly, Group Friendly