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A horrible experience. This company charged more than their competitors and their ATV's were subpar. Often times they weren't even strong enough to make it up a hill and we would be passed by other ATV's carrying two people while we walked ours up the hill. They frequently broke down and when the service technician finally showed up they always said "seems fine to me". These ATV's stalled frequently making them dangerous to drive. I would never rent from them again. Also, this company writes down your credit card when you pickup your ATV and two of our credit cards were compromised that same day. Coincidence? I think not.

Bad service Bad working bikes and ATVs Expensive

They gave me an ATV with no working lights, and I couldn,t use by night and had to pay a taxi to come back to my hotel. They said was not his problem, and a guy was 10 minutes fixing the lights to tell me it was working (only after 10 minutes working on it, he could fix it) and the told me was no broken. They treat me as stupid. Don`t refund my money, even not refunded me the cost of the taxi. Really bad experience with them. There are many rent a bike, ATV bussines, even cheaper, don't choose that.

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