Kastelakia Hotel

Glastros, Mykonos
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The owners drove us from the old port and back At 150 euros for one night, the place was hands down the most expensive and the worst -by far- of our 3-week trip through Greece The owners (and maybe the old port travel agency) must have the habit of ransoming travellers in similar situations?

On our way from the beautiful Amorgos island to Tinos, we missed our boat connection in Mykonos as a strong wind delayed our arrival: it was 6pm and the last boat to Tinos was gone. We had not planned on staying in Mykonos and with 2 kids we did need some place to stay that night. The Travel agency of the old port said they could help: accommodation was running scarce, they said, but they called some hotel owner who would come down to meet us and propose a room. 15 minutes later the lady turns up: 150 euros for a room for 4, with a bathroom; a cheaper option would be 3-bed room with no bathroom. We went for the first option. For 150 euros, you get 1 double and 2 single beds crammed in a small room; the bathroom is effectively a toilet and a sink with a shower on top, in a one-square-meter room. The AC did work somehow (we had to ask for the remote control). The place was rather clean, bar one passing coackroach, but old and stripped down to the bare minimum. Breakfast not included. It's actually a family that turned as many rooms as possible in their house to rent them out to young travellers in search of the Mykonos glitter / nightlife / beach parties but unable to afford proper accommodation. Overall a very depressing setting.