Kastelakia Hotel

Glastros, Mykonos
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This has to be the worst place I have ever experienced in my life!!! April 25th 2016, I had not slept in 28 hours and was very tiered when I got of the ferry. This lady was holding a sign for rooms available and I could not wait to hit the bed and take a nice sleep. She said the room was for 30 Euros per night and I just made a quick decision to go with her. As soon as I sat in her car I knew I had a made a mistake because her car was dirty. I come from the middle east and we have a lot of sand. But It looked like all that sand in the middle east ended up in her car. The room had 4 beds, with extra bed sheets as blankets. The toilet was really bad, it had a small shower which was barely working. There were insects crawling, the water smelled like it was full of chemicals. It was not a pleasant stay at all!!!