Mykonos Taverns serving dinner

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Agrari Beach - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Agrari Beach, Agrari, Mykonos, Greece

Serving a variety of homemade dishes in a lovely garden by the sea.

Alexis Restaurant - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Also known as Alexis
Evangelistraki, Mykonos, Greece

Realizing the growing popularity of fast food, Alex opened his business in 1971 as the first hamburger, hot dog and sandwich snack bar in Mykonos. His reputation for friendly quick service together with the development of the "Big Alex…

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Sakis Grill House - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
7 Kalogera Street, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Sakis offers gyros, souvlaki and chicken for a traditional quick bite

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Nikolas - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Also known as Nicolas
Agia Anna, Paranga, Mykonos, Greece

Greek style taverna with tables in the sand and a traditional menu.

Konstantis - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Also known as Konstantis Beach Restuarant
Ornos Beach, Ornos, Mykonos, Greece

Konstantis serves traditional Greek food and is known for its homemade casseroles. Open 09.30-01.30.

To Steki Tou Proedrou - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Ano Mera Square, Ano Mera, Mykonos, Greece

A local hang out located in the graphic Ano Mera Square. The menu is composed of traditional Greek dishes made from local produce at great prices.

Alefkandra - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Alefkandra, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Greek dishes offered on the menu, plus fresh sea food. Alefkandra has its own aquarium, jam packed with lobsters.

Kostas - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
5 Mitropoleos Street, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Greek traditional dishes and a variety of stews

Kounelas - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Gialos, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Recently refurbished, Kounelas offers a traditional Greek menu and fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

Nikos Tavern - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Porta, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Home-made and traditional dishes served at this genuine Greek tavern. Fresh lobster and seafood.

Paraportiani - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Agias Monis Square, Kastro, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Authentic Greek tavern, serving fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes.

Politiki Kousina - Mykonos Tavern serving dinner
Also known as Opa
Goumenio Square, Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Traditional recipes from Asia Minor

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