Workshop of Silver Icons Georgiadis

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How often while shopping do you stumble upon a shop with the actual artist sitting inside at her easel? Forty years of experience! Friendly and informative! Something for everyone! Her shop does not have enough space to house all of her great pieces but that doesn't stop her from continuing to paint daily

Do NOT miss this precious gem of a shop in Mykonos! Viktoria works here 7 days a week, in season, painting the most unique icons we had ever seen...and we've traveled to Rome! Her 40 years of experience is evident in the beautiful variety of works, displayed both inside and outside, you'll see and surely want to purchase. Yes, of course you can purchase mass produced icons in every tourist trap in the area for a few euros, but why not take home an ORIGINAL piece of art to cherish for years? We did and will remember our trip to Greece for years to come.

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