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Can't believe i just paid €20 to get from Mykonos airport to the new port (5-6 minites drive) When the driver said it I thought to myself but didn't say anything. I shouldn't have paid it. Absolute rip off not sure if he just mugged me of completely or your rate are rediclous but either way I am more than unimpressed.

The girl who answers the phone keeps closing it whenever i mention an address, terrible customer service

Very rude customer service

Called to schedule a pickup, was informed that they do not set up pick up times. So I told her that was ok, and asked how much it would cost for the ride, she hung up on me! I have traveled all over Europe and have always noted the happy people.. in Mykonos, my experience has been the opposite. Everybody is very rude here.

My husband and I were waiting in town in the taxi line when one of the drivers started reversing his radiotaxi into us. We assumed he could see us however when he did not stop I started tapping the back of his car to avoid being hit. My husband and I tried to move out of the way as quickly as we could but the cab was reversing too quickly. The radiotaxi driver then got out of his car and was yelling in my husbands face asking "do you want to die tonight?" We tried to explain that no we did not want to die which is why we tapped your car with our hand so you do not hit us. I was shocked that this driver couldn't just speak to us in a civil manner.

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