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When I saw the two pieces later in the daylight, I saw many yellow spots on them. Some cannot be removed. Where she put her tags into the clothes, you can see where the original tag was. I bought a piece of which she had three exactly the same. She told me how much work it was to make them. But they are made in India or somewhere.You can find this kind of clothes in many placel. In the dark shop there wasn't a good smell. The pieces seem to be stored without air. I payed too much and I feel bad that I was so stupid to buy there. I shouldhave followed my intuition that she completely lied to me.

Pleasant artist herself prices were very reasonable wonderful quaulity

I happened upon Ioanna's Knitworks on Mykonos. She was there and helped me pick out a stunningly beautiful natural color linen top with her amazing design elements! She was very helpful and I love the top and the skirt that was hand made by her!!

Ioanna was wearing a pair of pants in exactly the same linen that she had worn and washed for 10 years and you could see the quality of the fabric and the workmanship

As I wandered past my eye was drawn to the most perfect linen dress on display. Upon entering I was met by the owner Ioanna who provided the most wonderful service. Ioanna knew exactly the size I would require and suggested the most flattering shades for me. I am only sorry that I only purchased one dress as I know it will be impossible to find something similar at home and certainly for the price.

If ioanna's reads this please contact me about my skirt which I can now see was on display in the sun for a long time--was white and has strips of yellowed fabric which I could not see in the darkened store--this skirt should NEVER have been sold to a customer!! Anita Jacques, [email protected]

Excellent quality! The shirts we purchased were made by someone who knows how to craft a shirt! My husband wears these shirts all the time and they don't show the wear We loved meeting Ioanna and will always remember our visit to her wonderful sho If we hadn't wandered down that little path we might have missed it!

My husband and I were wandering around Mykonos on our last day in Greece and we just stumbled upon this shop. My husband loves cotton shirts, so we ventured inside to take a look. We were welcomed from the back of the shop by a woman who turned out to be the owner. She was charming and shared with us stories of famous personalities who had also happened upon her shop over the years. We ended up buying three shirts and promised to return if we ever came back to Mykonos!

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